Agathos Daimon

The good spirit is typically honored on the second day of each Hellenistic month with libations of unmixed wine. Veneration of the agathos daimon is part of simple, rustic household worship as opposed to the more elaborate worship of Olympians. Orphic hymn number 72 (to the daimon) is generally believed to be a hymnn to the entity but I’ve included other invocations to the good spirit.



-Formula used to invoke the Agathos Daimon

“Rejoice with me, You who are set over the East Wind and the World, for whom all the Gods serve as Body-Guards at Your Good Hour and on Your Good Day, You who are the Agathos Daimon of the World, the Crown of the Inhabited World, You who arise from the Abyss, You who Each Day rise a Young Man and set an Old Man, HARPENKNOUPHI BRINTANTE’- NO’PHRI BRISSKYLMAS AROURZORBOROBA MESINTRIPHI NIPTOUMI CHMOUMMAO’PHI.”
-Greek Magical Papyri

“Come to me you from the four winds god ruler of all who have breathed spirits into men for life master of the good things in the world.
Hear me lord whose hidden name is ineffable. The daimons hearing it are terrified – the name barbareich arsemphemphrothou – and of it the sun, of it the earth, hearing, rolls over, Hades hearing, is shaken; rivers, sea, lakes, springs, hearing, are frozen, rocks hearing it are split.
Heaven is your head; ether, body, earth, feet and the water around you ocean.
O Agathos Daimon you are the lord, the begetter and nourisher and increaser of all.”
-Greek Magical Papyri


“May I have every grace, all accomplishment, for with Thee is the bringer of good, the messenger standing by the side of Tyche.”
– Magic Papyri

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